Finding The Right HVAC Contractor For Your Home

1) A bid over the telephone is insufficient without a home visit

As far as choosing a certified and knowledgeable HVAC contractor goes, you need to take several factors into account. Some of the things to think about are whether you know the ducting levels and whether every room has the correct number of registers — among others. HVAC contractors should not give bids or estimates during a telephone discussion because there are lots of things these contractors are meant to do initially. You ought to be wary of contractors who are reluctant to visit your property because there’s a good chance that they lack experience, or that they are brokers who wish to make a commission from other engineers. A reputable air conditioning engineer will assess a given property, prior to calculating an estimate and offering a quote. By assessing your property thoroughly, these contractors can inspect every area before attempting to install or repair an air conditioning unit in your home.

2) Old units should be replaced with a different model

Every air conditioner has a unique life span. On average, these units take up to a decade or a decade and a half, before they wear out. A unit built-in 1990 will be considerably different from one that was built in 2005. A certified and knowledgeable HVAC contractor will offer plenty of guidance to bring your property to modern standards and increase its’ energy efficiency. Bear in mind that many contractors want to keep minimum inventory levels.

Therefore, they will encourage you to purchase their old air conditioners, just to rid themselves of surplus inventory. In contrast, our company modifies the air conditioners we own to suit your property. Also, we provide the most up to date units that have the best energy efficiency benefits. Make sure that the contractor you hire purchases a new air conditioner for your property, instead of using old inventory. It’s hard to find a unit similar to the one in your property from a warehouse. Furthermore, air conditioners vary considerably, so it is vital to select the right size, rather than basing your choice on the make and model.

3) HVAC contractors should be licensed by the relevant State License Committee

Lots of things could go wrong if you opt to use an unlicensed contractor. A reputable HVAC engineer should have an up to date license. Always request to see this, so you will know that you have selected the right professional to install your air conditioning unit. Normally, HVAC contractors are licensed to work with gas lines, plumbing, and other electrical applications.

Instances of unlicensed engineers are widespread in California, so you should check whether the engineer you propose to hire is licensed. When installing things like refrigerant and gas lines, correct disposal procedures must be followed – and only a certified engineer can do this. To receive a proper license, contractors must be experts in their field. If a contractor lacks a valid license, this means he is not permitted to fix or install air conditioning units. To determine whether a contractor is properly qualified, you should inquire whether he is a valid license holder. If he is, he should have his license number clearly displayed on his website and paperwork.

4) Always ask for a written bid or quote from HVAC contractors

While it is acceptable to provide oral estimates, it is vital that any contract you agree to should be in writing. This is beneficial when one of the signatories reneges on the deal because it can be referenced in a law court if necessary. For instance, an engineer might not fix or install the air conditioner as needed. Typically, any work you want to be done should be written down. A trustworthy contractor ought to insist on this, as a matter of course. This leaves no ambiguity about what is expected. Written contracts will include everything that the contractor should do, and the total price he is charging.

5) Approach low bidders with caution

When selecting an HVAC engineer, like Heatwave HVAC, you should pay attention to which contractors bid cheaply and which bid highly. In general terms, the ones that submit more expensive bids are better qualified to fix or install an air conditioning unit, compared to those who submit cheaper bids. A similar principle applies to our firm.

Our rates are higher because we use knowledgeable engineers, so our service is worth paying extra for. While this might sound a little boastful, the truth is that you get what you pay for, so you should bear this in mind. We often have customers contact us to request repairs on air conditioning units installed barely half a year ago. This happened a lot in the noughties when we needed to repair nearly a third of units in residential properties that were installed by bogus or inexperienced engineers.

6) Do not hire contractors who only work with one brand

The HVAC industry is full of contractors who only sell one kind of brand. You should be wary of any such people who sell one kind of heat pump/air conditioning unit. Some unscrupulous contractors will restrict themselves to a single brand for dishonest reasons. They may do this to make more profit, and fail to inform you about a different brand that offers better value. In this situation, you should avoid falling into their trap. Listen attentively to what they say, then try to determine whether they seem trustworthy. It might be that they are not proper dealers, and have just agreed to sell products on behalf of a manufacturer, who has offered them the products at low wholesale prices.

Final Thoughts

To choose a properly certified HVAC engineer, you need to do some homework and trust your intuition. The above methods of selecting a professional are useful because they prioritize the quality of workmanship over cost. By selecting a reputable engineer, you will make sure that all tasks are carried out efficiently and smoothly. Therefore, always do your due diligence and remember that not all HVAC contractors are created equal.

Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioner

AC problems are every homeowner’s greatest fear.

Temperatures are rising, but your AC unit is not blowing cold air into the room.

Unless you identify the root cause of the problem and have the AC fixed immediately, things will start getting sticky and uncomfortably really fast.

Ideally, you should act fast to resolve the misery; fortunately, there are many things you can do to ensure your air conditioning system is back up and running in no time.

1. Is the Thermostat Setting Right?

A faulty thermostat or incorrect setting may be the root cause of the malfunction.

If the thermostat in your air conditioner is set to a higher temperature, it may not have been turned on. For instance, if the thermostat is set at 28 degrees Celsius, but the current temperature is 26 degrees, the AC will not blow air to the room.

The air conditioner might also not blow cold air if the thermostat is set at ‘Auto’ instead of ‘On.’

As you commence the physical inspection of the air conditioning system, check the main shut-off switch to ensure it has not been flipped to an ‘Off’ position. Be sure also to check the breakers to ensure nothing has been tripped.

After that, you should reset your thermostat and program it to turn on at a lower temperature than the prevailing indoor temperature.

For instance, if you desire room temperature to be at 23 degrees Celsius, you should program the thermostat to turn on the AC when temperatures rise to this level.

Please note that it will take a couple of minutes for the room to be cooled to the desired temperature, so you should not be in a hurry.

After the AC turns on, wait a few minutes before putting your hands over the vents to confirm that cool air is being released into the room.

However, if cold air is not coming out of the vents, there might be a different problem affecting your air conditioner. Be sure to consult a cooling expert to have the problem fixed.

2. Have You Recently Changed Your Furnace Filter?

You may be wondering what the heating furnace filter has to do with the functionality of your AC.

The problem at hand might have been caused by a clogged filter, so if you have not been changing your air filter regularly, this may be the cause of the malfunction.

Clogged filters restrict airflow. As a result, you will not only lack cold air in your home; indoor air quality will also be poor as a result of dust. Your home may feel stuffy as a result.

We recommend cleaning or changing air filters on a monthly basis.

3. Is the Condenser Dirty?

If the outdoor unit of your AC system is covered in dirt and debris, your AC system will not function properly.

This is a similar problem to having a clogged air filter as the condenser fan will have to work extra hard to pull cool air and pass it over the condenser coils.

The good news is that you can clean the condenser without calling in the experts, but you have to be careful not to break or bend anything.

All you need is soap, water, and a piece of cloth to wipe away any dirt. Alternatively, you can use a high-pressure garden hose to clean the condenser.

By covering the condenser with a good waterproof cover, during winter and other cold seasons, you will be able to keep it clean. Be sure to also trim grass and other plants growing around the condenser to ensure efficient airflow into the unit.

4. Are There any Mechanical Problems?

AC systems are machines like any other, so they often experience wear and tear that can lead to mechanical problems.

If you have a faulty AC, and you have confirmed that the air filter and thermostat are in good conditions, you should call our team immediately to inspect the internal components of the AC unit.

5. Is the Refrigerant Leaking?

The refrigerant in an AC system usually cycles between the indoor and outdoor components of the AC system. It compresses and expands during the cycles. The refrigerant never runs out, so you should never have to replace it.

When there is a leak, however, your AC will not have enough refrigerant to absorb heat. This can be evidenced by a lack or decrease in cool air.

Ways of identifying a refrigerant leak:

  • You will hear a hissing sound coming from the AC when it is running.
  • There will also be an ice buildup on your AC unit.
  • If there is still some cooling taking place, your air conditioner may take a longer time to cool your home to the desired temperature.
  • If you suspect there is a leak in your cooling system, stop wasting time; call us immediately.

PS: Do not try to fix a refrigerant leak problem on your own as you can cause serious damage to your AC system. The job is for well-equipped professionals.

6. Have You Scheduled Annual Maintenance?

Many people think annual maintenance is unnecessary.

Ironically, these are the same people who often get surprised when they get a huge AC repair bill. Regular maintenance is a basic requirement.

7. Has Your AC Been Properly-Sized?

An AC system that is too small or too big will wear out fast and cause a wide range of problems.

Unfortunately, the problem will persist until you have the AC unit replaced. Fortunately, our team can get it right the first time.

8. Are There Leaks in the Ducts

This can be difficult to diagnose, but the leaks can cost you a lot of money. Our team can easily identify and plug leaks.

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We pride ourselves on staying current on the latest technology so that we give our customers the best service the plumbing industry has to offer. The majority of our residential service calls are completed the same day because of our fully stocked trucks.